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– Wide portfolio

– Main clients

OneStone has high-ranked references

Cement, building materials, mining, environmental protection, other process industries, infrastructure, private Equity, consulting

Experts in B2B industries

By focusing on the business to business sector we have established a name for ourselves on international markets.


Our experience in the sector started from the industrial background of the founder and close co-operation with plant and machinery suppliers in the mining, building materials- and other process industries. Now, increasingly our experience is used by the industries.


Partner for highly reputed companies

Our main clients are leading medium-sized companies and also a number of well-known international groups in and outside Europe.


The clients are some of the most respected plant and machinery suppliers as well as firms from the mining, building materials, environmental and other process industries, infrastructure and consultancy sectors.


The value of customers

Many of our clients have been coming back to us for years. Taking care of these relationships is something that has a very high priority for us. Anyhow, we are also looking forward to working with new clients and other challenging projects.

A diverse portfolio

Our fields of work in the building material-, environmental- and process industries include cement, lime, gypsum, mortar, bricks, clinker substitutes, alternative fuels, recycling, resources, mining and all important environmental issues. This is completed by energy, infrastructure and port development.

Where are our clients from

The client base is spread across more than 30 countries:
USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Nigeria, England, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

What clients say

We have used OneStone Consulting in various due diligence projects. Dr. Harder has an excellent knowledge of the process industry sector, which enables targeted and efficient cooperation.”

“The information in the market report is very well structured and very useful for our business planning. It really provides value for money.”

“A comprehensive, but concise and practical summary in a single reference work that provides an excellent baseline to work from.”

“The market report was very helpful for us to better understand the market and opportunities. The report is complete, detailed and covers the key drivers of the industry.”

“For many years, we have been using the market studies of OneStone Consulting as a tool of strategic development of our company. They are very well structured and have a high level of professional competence.”

„Fast implementation and precise results with a clear structure for significant added value. We were very well advised with OneStone Consulting.”

„I find the report has a good user-friendly structure and that it is based on a clear and consequent methodology.“

“This report is an invaluable tool to all those who need to understand better this global industry segment, its dynamics, the forces shaping it and its key players. It will be of interest not only to those in the industry but also to consultants, investment banks and suppliers in the sector.”

“The report clearly provided us with valuable information, that otherwise would be very difficult to obtain.”

„The information provided gives a very detailed idea about the market situation and will be of valuable use for any person or institution related to that industry. Congratulations for preparing such a good report.”

„From my point of view, the market report is one of the best in the sector. The breakdown of individual product types and applications differs from other reports and is even helpful for niche players.“

“The market report provides valuable market intelligence such as statistics and forecasts, market shares of suppliers, pricing data and the economies of scale. I would highly recommend this report.”

“The market study is again comprehensive, thoroughly analyzed and well presented. This helps us in adjusting our midterm planning. It is the best you can get in the market.”

Our Clients

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