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Customer-oriented management consulting

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The strategic direction

Our goal is to improve the competitiveness and success of our clients in their specific markets.

OneStone Consulting started in 1997 as a consultancy company for the business to business industries with the idea to assist clients in their strategies and positioning with excellent market analysis.

This is a successful concept: It was first introduced to our German clients. Now we can use experience from more than 600 projects with more than 70 international companies. 

Our Mission

We want to be a competent, reliable and recognized partner for our customers.

We supply tailor-made solutions for individual customer needs. Our work is most successful when we work closely with clients who are dissatisfied with the status quo and who share our passion for results. 

Strict confidentiality is important to us for close cooperation and open dialog.

Creativity is our strength

Foundation: 1997 by Dr.-Ing. Joachim Harder

Annual turnover: 0.1 – 0.5 million Euro


Employees: 1-10 permanent staff,  plus freelancers.      Non-core business functions outsourced, within the European Union (EU).


Locations: Hamburg, Barcelona, Varna

Client satisfaction

“Choosing an excellent consultant is a difficult task. You need to be convinced by the consultant‘s quality and expertise. On the other hand, it is important that the ‘chemistry’ fits. We are pleased to contribute our part.”


Joe Harder
Managing Director of OneStone Consulting,

Senior Consultant

Dr Joe Harder, The founder of OneStone Consulting

Our Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics

We, OneStone Consulting Ltd., are privileged to have the trust of the clients that we serve, and we earn that trust by always acting with the highest integrity; by providing objective and independent advice; by putting our clients’ interests first; and by protecting our clients’ confidential and sensitive information. We expect all colleagues to act at all times in ways that justify and reinforce the trust in which we are held.

OneStone Consulting Ltd. is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and social and environmental responsibility. We expect our Suppliers to aspire to these same standards in their business operations and, to have their own policies and processes in place addressing the matters detailed herein. Accordingly, OneStone has created a “Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics”.

Furthermore, we strive to continuously improve the sustainability of our operations and services and encourage our suppliers to participate in this effort by adopting sustainable practices in their operations.


Download our Supplier Code of Conduct and Ethics, which sets out the standards expected of any Supplier doing business with OneStone.