We are OneStone Consulting

OneStone Consulting is a management consulting firm with global reach. We are a trusted advisor for high-ranked plant & machinery suppliers, the process and infrastructure industry, private equity companies and other investors.

Market analysis

We provide unique, high- quality and up-to-date market reports for a number of sectors, incl. cement, mining and other process industries.

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Strategy finding

If the “business as usual” approach is replaced by a more favourable market approach the company perspectives will significantly improve.

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Combining methodology with market expertise and clear customer/industry focus leads to unique results even in challenging situations.

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What we focus on

Our market reports provide valuable market information, which otherwise would be very difficult to obtain. The focus of our market research is on the latest knowledge concerning market size, developments and trends.

Our market reports

  • Cement Industry Grinding 2022

  • Cement Projects Focus 2022

  • Outsourcing O&M 2017

  • Cement Pyro Systems 2021

  • Cement Plant Automation 2020

  • Materials Handling Systems 2020

  • Cement Market Iran 2020/21

  • Cement Industry Grinding 2020

  • Cement Pyro Systems 2020

  • White Cement Outlook 2020

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Latest market reviews

  • OneStone Consulting Image Brochure

  • Cement project trends to 2022

  • Uncovering potential with O&M contracts

  • Market potential for cement plant automation

  • Global trends in alternative fuels

  • Global insulation market potential

  • Cement market and technology trends

  • African cement consumption and market dynamics

  • Oil Well Cement Market Growth 2020

  • Global Cement Markets Trends

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Latest Insights

From our topics

Cement Projects Focus

This new market report provides information about latest cement capacity expansion projects in the cement industry. For the coming years there is no trend of declining capacity expansion, despite the large overcapacities in many countries.

Focus on Rare Earth Elements

Electric cars are booming and wind farms are being vigorously expanded as part of the energy transition. Both of these technologies depend on magnets, and rare earths are indispensable for magnet production.